The Pacific Cabo Neighborhoods

Local Information on The Pacific Cabo Neighborhoods

Traveling north just a few kilometers from Cabo San Lucas places you in an otherworldly beautiful landscape of cactus covered mountain foothills as they finalize their precipitous and dramatic drop into the Pacific Ocean. An extraordinary life on the Pacific side of Los Cabos is simply assured, the ultimate luxuries of privacy, peace, and a climate usually 10-15 degrees cooler than the rest of the region, yours. Here, destination living means infinite views to sunset every before breakfast if you wish...convenience to both lively Cabo San Lucas and lovely, magical Todos to roam...beaches to surf or laze upon...and more choices yet to be imagined by anyone but you.

Local Geographical Highlights in the Pacific

  • Migrino (beach)
  • Elias Calles (beach)
  • Pescadero/Cerritos (beach)
  • Todos Santos (beach)
  • Todos Santos North